>accessing emma pasquer's personal files...
>bypassing high tech security..

>WELCOME TO Em's deep web design HACKER TERMINAL.
>hack yourself into emma's projects by writing the right commands.
>type list to get all supported commands.
>all commands must be typed in lowercase.
glitch help

How does this work ?

Obviously you're not really hacking into my system to see my private files.
(How cool would that be though ?)

So the deal is, you have to write a word (or: command) on the pink line.
But what word should you write, you'd ask me. Good question.
Is you write list on there and click the "go" button,
it'll show you a list of all the commands available.
This way you get to chose what you want to see.
I have a KEA file, which showcases my KEA (the school i'm at) projects. the ones i'm proud of
I have a perso file, which are the projects I've made on my own for fun.
And you also have a small easter egg
but now that you have the gist of it, i'll let you find that out by yourself.

Little scenario here :

"I don't have the time, need or patience to play the mini directory game."

Get me a a clean list of all the projects.